Can I get a mortgage in Poland based on earnings abroad?

Poles who went abroad to work often want to return to the country. Own apartment or house is the dream of many of them. It is not always possible to meet them only with savings. Sometimes additional funds are needed, e.g. in the form of a mortgage.

Do I have a chance to get a mortgage in Poland while working abroad? – many of the over two million Poles living abroad in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands or Ireland are wondering about this.

I earn abroad. Why do I have to decide on a Polish loan?


One of the requirements for a mortgage is collateral for the bank in the form of real estate in Poland. According to our law, banks can grant loans only for real estate in the territory of the country in which they operate.

People working abroad usually earn more than in Poland, but they do not receive income in PLN. Paying back a loan in a currency other than the Polish zloty can be a problem.

Most banks after recent problems,


The so-called “Frankowiczów”, limited the offer of loans in foreign currency. The main possibility to take a loan is currently the Polish zloty. Is there a departure from this rule? Yes.

If we work abroad, several institutions have decided to leave an offer with the possibility of a foreign currency loan. If you earn in EURO, USD, GBP, NOK, SEK, you can apply for a mortgage in Poland.

There is another option – you can take a loan with your family in PLN


You earn abroad, but your spouse earn in PLN? Or maybe you just found a person with whom you can become a co-borrower? Some banks offer foreign currency loans without the need to convert currency.

The requirement is a co-borrower who pays his share in zlotys. Pursuant to the KNF Recommendation, the bank may grant a loan in PLN if the co-borrower has a leading household income also in PLN.

I live and work abroad, but I want to take a loan from a Polish bank. What assumptions do I have to meet?

The bank will always want to verify our creditworthiness. Here are the requirements you can expect:

  • Permanent source of employment – as with any long-term loan, we can expect a refusal if we do not have a permanent and reliable place of employment, preferably with one year’s experience. We can also try when we receive a pension or are retired, but not all institutions will agree to receive such income.
  • A set of documents in Polish – when operating in our country, it should be expected that the bank will require documents in the official language.
  • The property must be located in Poland – otherwise, in the event of our failure to pay, the bank is unable to secure the property outside the country.

Banks individually determine the set of documents they need, while we can always expect the requirement to submit:

  • ID card
  • Bank statement (at least for the last year)
  • Tax return for the last tax period

From the documents not always required we will find, among others: work permit, residence permit or credit history.