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Loanent quick loan is one of Sweden’s most popular loans for amounts up to SEK 20,000. They leave messages directly on the screen of applications submitted on their site. It is easy to apply for a Loanent sms loan online. Just leave some simple tasks in a web form and submit the application. See freedomtoons.org for an observation

Requirements for getting Loanent loans

Requirements for getting Loanent loans

  • Filled 18 years and registered in Sweden
  • Declared income
  • No guilt at the Royal Court

When and how is the loan paid out?

On the loan application on weekdays before one o’clock in the day, the transfer is made to the bank account before five o’clock in the afternoon of the same day. When applying after 1 pm, the money is deposited into the account the following business day.

By using flexible loans, it is possible to reduce the monthly costs for loans by making it possible to decide on both the loan amount and the repayment period. The loan can be amortized with up to 12 partial payments for one year.

It is possible to submit loan applications 24 hours a day, but payments are only made during the regular opening hours. Positive with the lender is that it is free to apply and that no fees apply.

Apply for the quick loan with e-leg

It is quickest to get the money paid out by using an e-ID (BankID).

No e-play? Copy ID action

Customers who do not have an e-ID may need to submit a copy of the ID card, driver’s license or passport by scanning the ID document and e-mailing it. Make sure the image has a sufficiently high resolution to avoid hassle. You can also use a digital camera.

Loanent quickly gives notice on loans

Loanent quickly gives notice on loans

After the application has been submitted, a message will be sent via SMS that tells you when the money comes into the bank account.

What is Loanent Quick Loan?

What is Loanent Quick Loan?

A Loanent quick loan is a small loan that can be used for temporary needs. These loans are in small amounts with a short repayment period, sometimes just a few weeks. Small loans are unsecured loans that are best used to cover temporary cash needs. If the car breaks unexpectedly, the loan can help finance the car repair. A quick loan is in this case one of the fastest ways to cover an emergency charge.

The biggest difference between small loans and other loans that exist in the consumer loan market is the short repayment period. Ideally, the loan’s repayment corresponds to the next salary and is therefore sometimes referred to as payday loan. In general, a payday loan acts as a financial bridge to the next salary and is repaid at the next paycheck. Due to the short repayment period, remuneration loans have a low credit limit and a relatively high effective interest rate.

When can the loan be used?

Loanent quick loans are best suited for emergency situations (like the example of car repair above). Of course, you can use quick loans for other situations, provided you know that you will get the money to repay the loan when you receive your next salary.

So, if you need money right away to sort out a problem and can’t wait for salary from the employer, student funds or grants, then it is possible to get a temporary financial respite with a small loan for the salary. However, it is not advisable to apply for remuneration loans for things that are unnecessary. This type of micro-loan should only be used in an emergency or when absolutely necessary.

How much does the Loanent loan cost?

How much does the Loanent loan cost?

Although quick loans are known to provide financial assistance at a time when there may be no other place to turn to, these are short-term loans expensive.

Example costs

Loans: SEK 3000 in one month costs SEK 516 (of which deductible interest SEK 121)

Loans: SEK 5,000 for 3 months costs SEK 1303 (of which deductible interest SEK 818)

In addition to interest, a set-up fee of SEK 350 (on the first loan SEK 175) and an aviation fee of SEK 15 are payable.

The effective interest rate will be high when it is recalculated annually, but the total cost of the loan can still be reasonable if it helps to solve a tricky situation.

What makes Loanent unique compared to other lenders?

Loanent offers various options of short-term loans that give borrowers additional benefits over many other offers on the market.

They are a responsible lender that offers loans with several repayment options and is a good option for those who need a quick loan. The loans offered have very clear pricing and flexible repayment options.

In this way, the consumer can fully understand the loan and adapt it to your personal situation. On the website, instant access to a quick payout loan is offered and you can choose exactly as much as you need and get cash on your account the same day (except holidays). On Loanent’s website, the borrower chooses for himself how many rounds the loan will be repaid according to the customer’s current financial situation.

Therefore, no one needs to worry about having to pay the entire loan in a lump sum after a short time. Once your application has been approved, a text message with payment notification will be sent within a few minutes.

Loanent is a good alternative for small loans, they offer a good solution for short-term cash needs that are fully adapted to the customer’s needs.

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