Nintendo fan creates online app mockup for Nintendo DS Switch

While Nintendo Switch Online currently only offers free NES and SNES games, one fan imagines what it might look like if they add DS games to the mix. Even if Nintendo Switch online comes with a pretty strong selection of classic titles included with a subscription, most would agree that the service’s offerings don’t compare […]


£ 200,000 Gtd GUKPT London Main Event returns from July 15th

Grosvenor Resorts delighted live poker fans by announcing the return of his Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) from July 15th The COVID-19 pandemic has slashed the GUKPT 2020 schedule, which was the 14th consecutive year of the long tour. Artan Dedusha won the £ 1,500 GUKPT London Main Event for 137,430 € before Ben dobson […]


Forest Tower by Studio EFFEKT: a way to reconnect with nature

the Forest tour through EFFEKT was eagerly awaited by all even before its construction and its opening to the public, in March 2019. From the first renderings put online, it became clear that the Danish firm, founded by Sinus Lynge and Tue Foged, intended to create not only a spectacular structure, but a truly unique […]


IOS 14.7 release date and all the iPhone features we know so far

Apple only recently released iOS 14.6, but the company is keeping the updates going because iOS 14.7 is now available in beta, and as such, we know some of what it has to offer. So far, this appears to be a much smaller update than the last two – which have added things like Apple […]


Beginners shine at the Paupau Taga triathlon | Sports

First-time triathletes Daryll De Luna and Cheng Nam Lee took on the Paupau Taga 5150 triathlon challenge on Saturday and did quite well. In the U19 division, De Luna beat Eric Phillip David to finish first. “I have always dreamed of being part of a triathlon,” said De Luna. “I grew up in the Philippines […]


Bugatti unveils 3 handmade smartwatches that take up to 20 days to manufacture

French high-performance automaker Bugatti has made a leap into one of the most fashionable product ecosystems. The luxury automaker has unveiled three new smartwatches. The company showcased the new smartwatches in partnership with Austrian luxury smartwatch company Viita Watches. Viita and Bugatti have selected the Platform kickstarter.com where the watch can be purchased exclusively for […]


The legend of Zelda was almost called the fantasy of Hyrule

The Legend of Zelda series was almost called The Hyrule Fantasy Series, but issues arose that led to the name being removed after a match. Nintendo THE Legend of Zelda The series is one of the most iconic franchises in video game history, but it almost got a different name. This is due to the […]


Rahul Khanna: to have a collection of watches and to wear flared jeans

Dial down I am fascinated by watches and have a growing collection, which is not very good for my finances. What collectible but reasonably priced watches can I buy? —Samit P, Bombay I would say go local and vintage. Some Indian watchmakers have made some really cool timepieces over the decades and they are much […]


Each animal interior design, decoration and ornament for the Serenitea pot

Making pop inside your Genshin Impact mansion is a bit trickier than putting down sofas. You will want to focus on choosing the right kind of decorations and ornaments to accentuate your new home. While decorations may be a bit limited at this time, players expect more to be added in the near future. Related: […]


Apple iOS 14.7 is almost here with 1 cool new feature upgrade

Apple iPhone 12 with iOS 14.7. David phelan The next iOS update is almost here. When it arrives, iOS 14.7 will break a record for most point releases of all versions of iOS. Well, iOS 13.7 has arrived too, but it was released last September when iOS 14 had already arrived – it was there […]