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Note: This content is only intended for people aged 25 and over.

With the winter cold comes the twinkling of lights, the scent of something delicious on the fire and the promise of a New Year full of hope and possibility. It’s also that time of year when we open our doors to our friends and family and celebrate with the people we love the most. If you’re hosting a house party this year, there’s a lot to keep in mind, from safety to entertainment, and of course the menu. Let this be your guide.

Find the right timing

First of all. Are you planning a brunch, an aperitif or a night out? Your decision will impact your dress code, decor and menu. A sunset is always great because you have plenty of time to get ready and clean up afterwards without exhausting yourself. You don’t have to go overboard with the decorations, keep it simple with a few festive lights and ornaments. You can take it a step further and make a small photo booth with fun props for your guests to take photos to remember the occasion! Of course, keep in mind that the pandemic isn’t quite over yet, so keep your guest list minimal and make sure everyone is of course vaccinated. A small, intimate get-together can also be so much more fun and meaningful with just your close friends and family.

Food and drink pairing: #DeliciousGoodness

One of the biggest things to decide for the occasion will of course be the menu. Stick to one cuisine and go all the way, rather than experimenting with different cuisines and tastes at the same time. Your menu will also have an impact on your selection of drinks at the bar. Diageo’s Glendullan Singleton for ages 12, 15 and 18 is the perfect beverage choice to serve at your party. These single malt Scotch whiskeys are not just a drink for the seasoned whiskey drinker, but rather a malt anyone can enjoy with its fresh fruity aromas, smooth, honeyed palate and lingering creamy finish. So there are many ways to drink it on its own!

Singleton of Glendullan makes an exceptional base alcohol for making cocktails and is a great option to pair with a variety of cuisines. If you go for an Indian menu, the Singleton 12YO is a great choice. It is smooth, smooth and richly fruity with fragrant notes of sandalwood and vanilla that pair beautifully with spicy dishes with lots of flavor.

If you choose a Mexican or Italian menu with a mix of light cheesy dishes on the palette, you might want to go for The Singleton 15YO. It’s a well-balanced whiskey with an appealing spicy finish that comes out with flavors of cilantro, pepper and lemon. If you’re serving up a mix of appetizers, like cheese and salami platters, fruit and nut bowls, or small dishes like sushi and dimsum, go for a mature The Singleton 18YO. It has a sweet fruity center that deepens into a rich and spicy herbal note that gives it a lot of # DeliciousWell.

The final touch

To make the occasion truly perfect, organize a fun icebreaker activity. Host a small gift exchange if it’s just you, your close friends, and family. Play a charades game or pull out a bunch of old photos and remember the good old days. There is nothing like raising a glass of fond memories and a great New Year, surrounded by the people you love.

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