Fans will soon be able to purchase the same watch worn by Dani Rojas from Far Cry 6 for $ 1,200, thanks to the collaboration between Ubisoft and Hamilton Watches.

Far cry 6 Fans can now express their appreciation for the franchise by purchasing Dani’s in-game watch – however, it will cost any buyer $ 1,200. There have been a lot of revelations about Ubisoft Far cry 6 before launch, most recently because the developer invited some fans to participate in a hands-on demo, which led to Far cry 6 the previews are touring on the internet.

Currently, the game seems to offer a Far cry Game experience, however Yara’s world and its inhabitants are all original, including the game’s protagonist, Dani. Dani is a reluctant guerrilla, who wishes to rid Yara of his oppression under the dictatorship of Antón Castillo, Far cry 6the main antagonist of. In their fight to free Yara, Dani will be aided by Clara Garcia, the leader of the revolutionary group Libertad, and Juan Cortez, a former KGB spy and jaded guerrilla master. Near the start of Far cry 6, Dani will complete a mission for Juan, and as a reward for the mission’s success, Juan will give Dani his Khaki Field Titanium Automatic watch.

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According to Hamilton Watch, this timepiece was originally donated to Far cry 6‘s Juan by the former president of Yaran, Santos Espinosa. For Juan, it is a symbol of “survival and resilience. “While wearing the watch, Dani’s general defense will improve in the sprint, thanks to his”continue to check“function. However, this watch isn’t just a useful in-game item. Fans can instead purchase their own Khaki Field Titanium Automatic watch, thanks to a collaboration between Hamilton Watch and Ubisoft (via PC player). This real watch will retail for $ 1,195, with a number limited to 1983 pieces. The watch will be available for purchase from October 7.

This is not the only one Far cry 6 merch that is made available to players. Those who buy the Far cry 6 Collectors Edition of the game will also find themselves in possession of a flamethrower display model, as well as a replica of the map of the fictional islands of Yaran. Perhaps even more desirable, this particular edition of Far cry 6 also comes with a Chorizo ​​the dog keychain.

The wait to see Dani in action with their new timepiece is almost over. Ubisoft has regularly released even more teasers in anticipation of Far cry 6, and while these are mostly visual trailers, the inclusion of a real-world watch is certainly a nice (albeit a bit pricey) touch from the developers. Perhaps collectors should be relieved at the choice of making one of the Far cry 6, however – another option could have been Antón Castillo’s solid gold pistol. All things considered, a watch is probably a slightly more affordable purchase for Far cry Fans.

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Far cry 6 coming to Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S on October 7.

Sources: Hamilton Watch, Hamilton Watch / YouTube (via PC Gamer)

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