The movies, the aesthetic, the flavors, and the vibe of the spooky season are exactly what makes it so special, and bringing it into your home is the best way to really immerse yourself in the spooky October vibe ( and the Scorpio season). When it comes to gothic decor that is both romantic and beautifully spooky, books are the perfect home decor accessory. They’re timeless, they’re pretty, and they emanate knowledge and hidden secrets – what better way for your Halloween decorations? Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate books into your home for a spooky season.

Go in the dark

Pair a group of three to four black books with an all-black collection of Halloween decor pieces, from spider web art to cauldrons. Bonus points for adding a few bottles of grayscale lotions and potions.

Fall atmosphere

Don’t you feel the monotonous look? Instead, opt for warm toned fall colors. Showcase books in colors like orange, yellow, and gold alongside pumpkins and greenery for a natural tabletop landscape.

Capped skull

Complete a spooky stack of books with a skull figurine or a skull-shaped planter to increase the spooky factor. If you can incorporate a trailing houseplant, all the better for your goblincore aesthetic.

Time capsule

This time of year is representative of the natural ebb of life, as the days begin to darken and the plants around us go dormant. Nothing sums up this time of year better than an hourglass filled with sand, which reminds us of all the natural cycles of the year. Create a setup that reflects these themes with dried plants, clocks, timers, and books on topics like death and the passage of time.

Altar with herbs

Herbs dried with a mortar and pestle remind us of witchcraft and magic, while succulents, salt bowls and books on herbs and plants reinforce the image. Stick to earthy tones for a subtly spooky yet pleasantly heartwarming vibe.

Wrapped in twine

Use twine or twine to wrap your books together, creating the bonus effect of not needing to use bookends! The twine adds a certain look to the whole setup, while the dried plants that protrude from the pages of each book give it an elevated vibe. We also love the old keys and the candles dotted around the mix.

Fairy lights

For a slightly more trendy look, instead of wrapping your books with string, wrap them in fairy lights. They’re lightweight, they’re pretty, and they sparkle. What could be more comfortable?

Your fireplace, redesigned

If you have a non-working fireplace in your home, this is the PERFECT way to decorate for late fall. Sure, putting pumpkins inside is cute … but an entire fireplace full of old books is breathtaking (and unexpected).

Halloween colors

Orange is reminiscent of autumn leaves, while black symbolizes the long winter nights to come. This is exactly what makes orange and black such an iconic Halloween decorating combination. Highlight these hues with books in their respective tones and accentuate the design with pumpkins and black vases or tumblers.

Autumn, in your own words

Give your own take on fall with this easy DIY. Cream-colored book bindings are the perfect place to write down all your fall feelings. Finish it off with twine and pumpkin decor in complementary colors.

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