343i talks a little more about Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, but on the leash really also important details.


The developers of Halo showed up to talk about multiplayer on the Xbox Extended stream and revealed some more information about the F2P mode. According to 343i, AI bots can be played on any map in the game, allowing players to practice the ins and outs of specific areas. Bots can also be tailored for difficulty, and their loadouts and gear usage can be customized.

Then we have something that will change the dynamic flow of multiplayer. Weapons and respawn gear will be mounted on items in Halo Infinite (e.g. walls) and they will also have active respawn timers visible to all players. So now you will know exactly when the rockets, sword or sniper respawn. This offers a more tactical strategy to gameplay, planning, and execution in Team and FFA modes.

Halo Infinite MP Details: Any Map Bots, Weapon Respawn Timers 88 |  TweakTown.com

The developers have also confirmed that the vehicles will appear in some 4v4 maps like Behemoth. Big Team Battle supports 12v12 this time around and the Pelicans will drop weapons and vehicles from the sky (which we already knew). 343i’s lead sandbox designer Quinn Delhoyo describes the BTB as a “theater of war” thanks to the ensuing chaos and artillery available to players.

Halo Infinite MP Details: Bots on Any Map, 5 Weapon Respawn Timers |  TweakTown.com

343i says the awesome samurai armor shown in the reveal will be available as a free unlock during Season 1. More “awesome armor suits” are coming after launch, including traditional sets and armor with “other new kinds of twists.”

Delhoyo says the team will do everything with the PC version; “We have put a lot of effort into the PC.”

One of the biggest quotes was how 343i recognizes that launch is just the start of Halo Infinite. Tons of content is coming after launch, including new weapons and gear, which will completely change the scope and meta of multiplayer.

“The exit from the game is the starting line. Lots of content at launch, more content, more maps, more modes, weapons and vehicles and gear to come later. “ said Delhoyo.

Unfortunately, the plasma gun overload deflection was not discussed. You could say that 343i deflected this one.

Halo Infinite is slated to release in Vacation 2021 on Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Series X / S consoles and will be out on Day 1 on Xbox Game Pass.

Multiplayer will be free.

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What we know about Halo Infinite multiplayer

  • Free-to-play on consoles and PC
  • Cross play, cross progression
  • Will have paid battle passes
  • A bunch of new gear and weapons
  • Up to 120FPS on Xbox Series X and PC
  • Training mode with bots
  • Seasonal content

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