ICP Electronics Australia Introduces ICP DAS PEX-D64 PCI Express 64 Channel Digital I / O Card with Timer / Counter

ICP Australia is proud to present the PEX-D64 from ICP DAS, which is a PCI Express 64 Channel Digital I / O Card with Timer / Counter. The PEX-D64 supports the PCI Express bus. These cards provide a 32-channel DI and a 32-channel DO which consist of two 16-bit input ports and two 16-bit output ports. The PEX-D64 offers a 6-channel counter / timer with four clock sources, 2 MHz, 1 MHz, 500 kHz and 250 kHz. The user can use the solder pad clock source. 3 of the 6-channel timer / counter are intended for general purposes such as frequency measurement, event counting and pulse generation; the other 3 channels are for the interrupt function.

The PEX-D64 has a card identification switch with which users can recognize the card by ID through software when using two or more PEX-D64 cards on a computer.

The cards support different versions of operating system, such as Linux, DOS, Windows. The DLL and Active X control as well as various sample language programs based on Turbo C ++, Borland C ++, Microsoft C ++, Visual C ++, Borland Delphi, Borland C ++ Builder, Visual Basic, C # .NET, Visual Basic.NET and LabVIEW are provided to help users develop their own applications quickly and easily.

• Supports PCI Express x1
• 64 digital I / O channels
• A 32-bit programmable internal timer
• A 16-bit event counter
• Card identification function (SMD switch)
• A 16-bit counter and a 32-bit counter with 4 MHz time base
• 3 independent programmable 16-bit counters
• Interrupt triggering by pair / timer trigger

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