Jacob & Co. launches the Astronomica Metaverso: the world’s first Metaverse watch

Jeweler and luxury watch retailer Jacob & Co. has launched the world’s first Metaverse watch with its latest “Astronomica Metaverso” collection in partnership with UNXD.

The collection based on Jacob & Co. is inspired by the planets of the solar system with the exception of Pluto. They released the first three watches as Venus and Mars: unique physical watches with NFT.

Jacob & Co. first ventured into the NFT space in April 2021 when it launched an NFT watch. His SF24 Tourbillon timepiece fetched $100,000 at auction.

According to Jacob & Co. CEO Benjamin Arabov, they used a custom comic book and motion picture, dubbed crypto comic culture, to show the history and creation of the collection to let fans of watches and crypto indulge their imaginations while unlocking new experiences.

In addition, owners can use NFT watches as a subscription card. It provides the owner with future digital, physical and experiential benefits. In addition, it also allows the owner to participate in future digital activities of Jacob & Co..

Shashi Menon and Nick Gonzalez, co-founders of UNXD, said they were impressed that physical luxury watches are a big part of this launch, showing Jacob & Co.’s deep commitment to doing something truly innovative in this space.

Meanwhile, Bulgari has also released an NFT of their exclusive watch.