Lovelife Krush is a smart sex toy that makes Kegel Fitness fun

It is natural for the pelvic muscles to weaken as a result of childbirth and aging, and throughout life. After giving birth to four babies, I can attest that an unexpected sneeze or a vigorous laugh can often require a change of clothes. Strengthening the pelvic floor has various benefits, especially for new moms who want to rejuvenate their muscles, including the possibility of more intense pleasure and stronger orgasms. Kegel exercises, when done consistently, are a relatively easy way to accomplish this, but remembering to do them and assessing progress can be difficult.

When I heard that the OhMiBod Lovelife Krush, a Kegel exerciser that helps strengthen pelvic muscles, included a smartphone fitness app, it seemed like it might make this exercise routine less of a chore and feel more fun. . I also wondered if it could help bring this part of the body back into shape.

Lovelife Krush is the perfect companion for a pelvic floor fitness routine.
Alice chase

Omibod’s Lovelife Krush won the Consumer Electronics Show’s Best of CES Awards for Digital Health and Fitness Products in 2016. It gave me confidence that positive results would come from its use.

Lovelife Krush connects via Bluetooth to an app called TASL, short for The Art and Science of Love, which tracks Kegel exercises. The Krush measures the pressure, grip, endurance and control of your pelvic muscles, allowing you to set goals and track your progress using sensors and vibrations. The program includes pelvic training and voice instructions. However, it can also be used without the app. The device is rechargeable, waterproof and made of safe silicone.

How does Lovelife Krush work?

I had never used a device like this before and wasn’t sure what to expect. It is a hot pink hourglass shaped device with a long tail with a heart at the end. It’s shorter than a bullet vibrator and its insertion is similar to a tampon, leaving the tail hanging down for easy removal once you’re done.

You don’t technically need to use lubricant, but it can help make insertion and removal more comfortable. Here are some of my favorite lubricants specifically for this scenario, as well as many more.

To start the exercises, there is a button on the front of the hourglass shape that will launch a vibration pattern, or this can be started from the app. A training program with voice instructions guided me through the exercises I selected based on experience level: First Timer, Sexy Trainer, Mom-to-Be, Flow Control and more. The key is to both squeeze and release. A slight vibration signaled the start and end of each press.

Lovelife Krush Sex Toy Sexual Wellbeing
The OhMiBod Lovelife Krush offers a range of fitness training programs through the TASL app.
Alice chase

The range of options makes it a great device for regaining strength through the many stages of life. The app even has a setting to save goals and also helps you track them.

It was easy for me to complete the exercises, but difficult at the same time. Later, when I looked at my stats, I realized I had room for improvement. Like any woman, I could benefit from doing more Kegels. During the short time I used this device, I noticed a difference and liked that I had something that could measure the effort I was putting in. Just having this adorable device handy was enough of a reminder to practice doing Kegels more often than before. The Lovelife Krush feels like a profitable investment in an often overlooked wellness area.

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