Prince of Persia games in chronological order

Prince of Persia is now known as Ubisoft’s beloved series that flourished in Assassin’s Creed, with familiar elements of parkour and combat. The difference is the emphasis on a singular location rather than the more open nature of its successor. Its timeline can get a little confusing, though – where do the originals, spin-offs, DS games fit in?

First, the original games are not “canon” but they are always worth playing. Their ordering is much simpler. The version is chronological. The first game came from Jordan Mechner in 1989 and it was a 2D side scrolling about an orphan falling in love with a princess. It’s incredibly short, around an hour, but it was a hit, leading to Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame. He advances 11 days after the first game and sees the now-married orphan, but Jaffar – the villain – turns you into a beggar before disguising himself as you.

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Then the series returned once again in 1999 with Prince of Persia 3D, the third game. Mechner was no longer tied up and the story dropped many of the threads set up in the original two games. Its endings either let the prince die or let him emerge victorious. 2002 saw the launch of Harem of Time but it’s not a new game, it is a mobile port of the original. During this time there is Prince of Classical Persia, a remake of the original. In any case, once this first trilogy is over, Ubisoft has taken the reins, and a new era of Prince of Persia has begun.

Prince of Persia (2008)

Prince of Persia promotional art-2008

When released after the Sands of Time trilogy, the 2008 soft reboot is the first chronological game in Ubisoft’s catalog. His game in ancient Persia, unfolding around 1000 years before Les Sables du Temps.

You play as an unnamed adventurer who is actually nicknamed Prince. Whether or not it is is not clear. He meets a princess while looking for his donkey but his father confronts them at the Tree of Life where, after the fight, he cuts the bark to free Ahriman, the god of darkness. It corrupts the whole world and leads to the princess and prince’s journey to undo this mess.

The Fallen King (2008)

Prince of Persia Fallen King characters standing together

Prince of Persia epilogue reveals that Prince and Elika – the princess – survived the events of the game. Well, Prince resurrects her. She’s not very happy about it, so after beating her dad, they go their separate ways.

This is where The Fallen King picks up. Elika is with the Ahura, leading a group of resistance fighters against Ahriman, as the prince searches for the king of The City of New Dawn. He meets someone called Zal, and their journey is to defeat a king whose corruption has led him to be split in two – the human and the monster.

The Sands of Time (2003/2022)

prince hanging on the wall at night

1000 years after Prince of Persia, Ubisoft’s original trilogy begins. He initiates a movement of events stemming from selfish greed – a desire to bend time simply to extend one’s own life. The Sands of Time, held in an hourglass, is the way to do this.

Caught in the fallout, the prince takes the dagger of time and embarks on a journey to remedy this chaos. You can play the 2003 launch on Steam or PlayStation 2, but you can still play the remake set for 2022.

Battles of the Prince of Persia (2005)

close up of prince

A DS game called Battles of Prince of Persia released in 2005, telling a story between Les Sables du Temps and Warrior Within. The prince discovers that he is being hunted down by the Dahaka, a literal manifestation of fate, all because he interfered with time in the first game, cheating death.

In the midst of this, he starts a war between Persia and India while fighting demons. It gets out of hand a bit after the first outing. The real value of this entry is that it shows how the prince became the most hardened and gruff warrior.

Warrior Within (2004)

Warrior inside prince fighting warriors

To take place seven years after Les Sables du Temps, the Prince is still expelled from Dahaka. Seeking advice, an older, wise man tells him he must die – the only way to get rid of dogs.

However, he is also told about the Isle of Time, where the sands were created. He embarks on a paradoxical mission to prevent them from happening.

The Two Thrones (2005)

artwork for prince of persia two thrones

The Two Thrones shows that the second Warrior Within ending – with the Water Sword – is the canonical ending. It follows the tale where the prince kills the Dahaka, prevents the creation of the Sands of Time, while saving Kaileena. This retroactively changes the course of the Sands of Time. The Vizier and Maharajah travel to the Isle of Time, but instead of finding an hourglass full with this magical artifact, they find an empty one.

Farah also never met the prince due to the change in the timeline. Anyway, he and Kaileena return to Babylon and find it under siege. Vizier has the dagger of time, frees the sands and makes himself immortal. The Sands infect the Prince’s wounds, giving him new power, as he has a new objective.

The Forgotten Sands (2010)

prince fighting a bunch of skeletons

No more sand, no more shenanigans, no more war and more mess for the Prince to clean up. This time, he travels to his brother Malik’s realm to find him losing an impossible war. So, naturally, his brother ventures into the treasure chest to free Solomon’s army – an army of creatures made of sand.

The prince is now embarking on a new mission to re-imprison Solomon’s army by reuniting two halves of the seal. At least he doesn’t play with the fabric of time in this one.

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