Ready to stop the races

Calvin Andrus

The barricade racetracks have been in the air for some time. No registrations from tomorrow, so dangerous conferences, routine behavior only for those who have already registered before. Alfia (Pizza), Hippogroup Sesenate (Bologna, Cesena), Hippogroup Roma Cuppanalle (Roma Get), Hippogroup Torinis (Turin), Epica de Capitanata (Castellosio de Souri) Hippodrome (Napole) Damiano), Ippomd (Get Syracuse), Casalon Hippodrome (S. Civitanova Marche), SFJ (Toronto), Varesina (Varis) and Undersecretary Batistoni and Mipaf Management Here is their press release, in which they request a meeting within a very short time frame.

“The racing companies of the Ipodromi Associates group have repeatedly called on the ministry to define contracts to regulate contractual relations in 2021, and reiterated that contracts must comply with the rules contained in the applicable law and ordinances.” The company signed the contract at the start of 2021, four months after the start of the year. To date, these agreements have not been ratified and are therefore not referred to the regulatory bodies.

Therefore, to this day, the racing companies force the ministry to operate in serious and illegal condition. Even in the absence of properly approved contracts, the race calendar problem arises. Additionally, racing companies are expected to have the first expectation to be scheduled by March 31. For these reasons and the serious financial and economic conditions with which they are confronted, the companies invited the ministry to suspend the competition immediately until the date of approval and validity of the signed contracts.

As a result, the companies of the associated Ipodromi group cannot continue to operate in such a state and have contacted the ministry to suspend the acceptance of the registration of horses for races from May 25, 2021 until tomorrow, resulting in a change to other dates on scheduled race days

Calvin Andrus

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