Ride or die with Ralph Lauren’s murdered stirrup watch

Ralph Lauren is a well-known lover of all things equine. After all, the American style icon and his eponymous brand have done more for the popularity of the polo shirt than almost any brand on the planet. But nowhere is Ralph Lauren’s love for horses more apparent than in the Stirrup watch, which is now available in a sleek, blackened case.

As you might expect from the Ralph Lauren Stirrup Watch, it features the rather specific shape of a stirrup. The angled curves of the case at 12 o’clock narrow to hard 90-degree angles at the caseback, creating an instantly recognizable dome shape. The real kicker that turns the dome into a stirrup is the strap opening at the top of the case, just like real riding gear.

Sure, that’s an unconventional shape for a simple dress watch, but then again, don’t most other dress watches look alike anyway? Unless you’re a real eye for detail, it’s almost impossible to tell one circular two-hand dress watch from the other, which makes Ralph Lauren’s decision to think outside the box very smart.

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Arriving on a special black leather strap, the black DLC coated Ralph Lauren Stirrup watch comes in four sizes: 36mm, 32mm, 27mm and 23mm. Such a range of options makes it an attractive unisex choice, with enough variation to see it fit perfectly on anyone’s wrist. Complete with a matching black dial and eye-catching contrasting white Roman numerals, this is an eye-catching watch that doesn’t scream for attention.

If you are a regular polo player, the Ralph Lauren Stirrup watch could be the perfect everyday outfit. But if not, this is the perfect timepiece to strap to your wrist for the next Spring Racing Carnival – when it could be.

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