The DONDA Ye era has given us a lot to ponder over the past few months. He helped us find a new appreciation for Demna Gvasalia’s subversive designs, made a strong case for why Fivio Foreign is fiercely underrated, reminded us of Margiela’s enduring influence, and showed us how to dress so we live “off the grid”.

In a rare appearance / interview with whisperer Chris Smoove, Yeezy breaks down her outfit ready for fall … sort of. For the uninitiated, Smoove has built a platform by hilariously interviewing random people and celebrities on the street, his most notorious series being “How Much is Your Fit?” You participated (and we use the term very loosely) in the latter.

How much did Ye’s hat cost? Mr. West doesn’t know. How much did his glasses cost? You do not know. The shoulder bag? Nope. The watch? Ah! Ye suddenly remembered that he had dropped $ 200,000 on his wrist. To be honest, I would too.

It’s cheeky, absurd, and so Kanye. Could he comment on his current low-key lifestyle? Is he flexing on us, showing the public that a billionaire doesn’t even think about the price of their gear. Or does Ye have short-term amnesia again? Am I overthinking it? Probably.

Whatever the reason for Kanye’s current oblivion, we believe we’ve cracked the code. From Balenciaga to PHIPPS, we put forward the whole look, price included. Note that some items may not match 100%, so we have gone for a similar alternative.

Shop Ye’s “I don’t know” look below.

Hieroglyph Phipps Cap

While it might not be as mysterious as Ye’s recent headgear choice, the PHIPPS Hieroglyph Hat is almost as cryptic. The Arctic themed cap features a series of region-specific references that match the brand with the adventurous and environmentally inspired designs of PHIPPS. It’s a sturdy headgear choice in a colourway to suit the fit.

Acne Studios mittens in wool blend

Wool blend mittens

A reliable pair of mittens can go a long way in the colder months. No one likes cold fingers. Acne Studios has a quality pair for you that won’t look awkward on the go. It’s a warmer alternative to Mr. West’s finger gloves.

Acne Studios Hoodie


While there are plenty of hoodies out there that are worth checking out, I’d say Acne Studios makes the best simple black hoodie. Today’s hoodie is comfy – made from extra soft cotton – slightly oversized and has a kangaroo pocket large enough for random treats and warmth. Acne just knows how to make quality staples.

Balenciaga embroidered logo track pants

Logo-embroidered track pants

If you want to fully experience the DONDA era, you will need Balenciaga. Sweatpants are an obvious choice. These luxurious basics are wide-leg – a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon – and feature a subtle Balenciaga logo.

Balenciaga Explorer clutch

Explorer pouch

If you have too many goodies, we recommend that you take a shoulder bag. The Balenciaga Explorer Pouch is made from a durable recycled nylon and has the right amount of space for your daily essentials and a DONDA STEM reader.

Balenciaga X-Pander sneakers

X-Pander sneakers

15% off a selection of full-price items FW15

15% off a selection of full-price items FW15

Buy from Luisaviaroma

After putting on the sweatpants, get your hands on a pair of Balenciaga sneakers. The X-Pander is the Balenciaga Track sneaker that has gone bionic, featuring a patinated blue and gray athletic upper and a massive hanging heel. This is the retro-futuristic sneaker you’ve been looking for.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 41mm Open Worked Double Balance Wheel

Royal Oak 41mm Open Worked Double Balance Wheel

To top off the whole outfit, you’ll need a sturdy timepiece. And, if you’ve got 200K in your pocket, Audemars Piguet has something for you. One of the most sought-after watches in the Audemars family, the watch comes with a beautiful and intricate skeletonized watch face – complete with the horse-drawn caliber of the watch. 3132 movement on display. Available in a range of materials and precious metals, this 41mm iteration of the watch is housed in a beautifully finished stainless steel case. In short, this is a divine level watch, well worth the price.

Vague Watch Co. Vabble Watch

We understood. Not everyone has hundreds of thousands to breathe. Enter the Vague Watch Co Vabble watch. Based on the iconic Dominos-branded Rolex, the Vague watch takes inspiration from historic design to create a timeless stainless steel gem that’s not too hard on your pockets, with a reliable Japanese quartz movement.

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