The Hippodrome Theater, Todmorden.

The Hippodrome Theater, Todmorden.

The work is just in time to welcome the audience and attendees to the live performance, thanks to funding from the Todmorden Town Deal Accelerator funding.

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It will be hard not to notice the racecourse on Halifax Road now, with an array of attractive and stylish new signage, twinkling illuminations, 60 inch digital poster screens, renovated windows, front doors, a brand new ramp and pretty planters full of spring flowers next to the benches where passers-by can sit and let the creative juices flow.

Frankie Mullen, Town of Todmorden Board of Directors

Todmorden Racecourse is the UK’s largest community theater with 250 members and over 40 volunteers involved in the production of a range of shows and in the maintenance and improvement of the building.

The new improvements are designed to raise the profile of the building, improve accessibility and provide a more attractive facade to promote the theater’s program of shows, events and opportunities.

Steve Clarkson, Head of Buildings at Todmorden Racecourse, said: “These amazing upgrades will ensure that locals and visitors alike know the building as a resource and place in Todmorden.

“It now has an attractive and professional appearance that reflects the incredible creative work and collective effort that it harbors.

“The building is part of the city’s heritage, which influenced the choice of signage styles, lettering and colors used, as well as retro-style lighting.

“Interactive digital billboards that all community events in town can benefit from. The result is fantastic and we have already received many compliments. “

David Winslow, president of the Todmorden Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society (TAODS), which owns and manages the theater, has been involved for fifty years and is delighted with the impact of the funding: “With this fantastic funding we have worked hard to create a smart, eye-catching facade that makes it clear that we have a wonderful theater in town.

“What makes Tod’s Racecourse special is the way the young and old participate together. We have members ranging in age from eight to ninety-eight, which makes welcoming the volunteers and members to reopen even more exciting. “

Helen Clarkson, Music Director of Todmorden Racecourse, said: “The new facade brings the building to life! The signs and lighting make it an iconic building as you enter the city.

“It extends downtown to that end of Halifax Road. We aim for professional values ​​and this reflects that.

Frankie Mullen, Todmorden Town Deal Board, said: “The racecourse is a total gem in Todmorden. It’s not just a heritage asset, it nurtures our diverse communities of all ages, developing creative skills, self-confidence and bringing people together.

“It is an essential element in developing the economy of visitors to the city and increasing our visibility for the cultural opportunities on offer. It’s hard to miss the theater now and we are thrilled to support this transformation that the Hippodrome team have put so much work and effort into. achieve.”

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