Looking for a new diver’s watch? Don’t miss the new TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Night Diver. One of the latest additions to the brand’s Aquaracer Professional 300 family of watches, this blackened dive watch is as crisp in daylight as it is at night (or underwater) thanks to its unique fully illuminated dial. That’s right, the entire dial shines in low light conditions, providing superb visibility that sets this timepiece in a class of its own.

The Night Diver is a recreation of an earlier watch of the same name that TAG Heuer introduced in the mid-1980s. With its combo of a black case and shiny dial, it has become a hit for its readability and unique style. Fast forward a few decades, and the company chose to use key elements of this watch for the Night Diver 2.0. Aside from the obvious luminous dial, today’s Night Diver features many of the same details as the original, including the 12-sided unidirectional bezel, screw-down crown, and horizontal engraved lines on the dial.

But that’s not just a history lesson: the new Night Diver offers a few key cosmetic updates to keep it fresh and functional. The 12 sides of the bezel are faceted for a good grip – essential when using diving – and the horizontal lines engraved on the dial are spaced a bit further apart than on the original watch. The 43mm stainless steel case of the watch, as well as the bezel, crown and clasp are all coated with matte black DLC for exceptional durability, and the bezel insert is made of scratch resistant black ceramic. In other words, it is not just an exhibit; it is designed for real work under the waves.

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And this is exactly where the advantages of the luminescent dial are most evident. It is fully covered in green Super LumiNova, and the central minute and seconds hands, as well as the 12 o’clock triangle on the bezel, are coated in contrasting blue Super LumiNova so that they stand out against the luminous dial. The octagonal indexes, edged with black lacquer, also contrast sharply with the green background of the dial. Even out of the water and in direct sunlight, the black and white color palette of the watch makes a strong statement: utilitarian and understated, where form and function blend perfectly.

Other highlights include the unique clasp system, developed by TAG Heuer to create a precise fit: it uses push buttons that allow the wearer to make extremely small adjustments, so that it hugs the wrist perfectly ( or fits around the sleeve of a jumpsuit). It is powered by the company’s Caliber 5 automatic movement and is water resistant up to 300 meters.

Do you think black is boring? In a different light, this watch will surprise you.

[$3,350; tagheuer.com]

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