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There was a time when bladeless fans cost a lot more than their retro counterparts, but nowadays there are many affordable options on the market for you to consider. Bladeless fans are generally safer than regular fans because an airflow is generated in the closed fan base and a cool, windy vortex is blown into the main chamber like a rocket. Bladeless fans are also generally quieter than traditional fans, and they can also be more energy efficient. Extremely practical, they are also much easier to clean – there is no feather duster jamming between a grid. If you’re convinced you’re not using a blade, read on for our top recommendations.

What to consider

The first thing to determine when shopping for a bladeless fan is how many square feet you need to cool and whether you plan to place it on the floor or on a higher surface, such as a desk or table. Depending on your setup, the range of oscillation can be large, with the majority ranging from 65 to 90 degrees, although some are designed to rotate 360 ​​degrees (or almost). Other important features to consider include fan speeds and modes, duration of timers, and energy efficiency. If you’re sensitive to noise, you’ll want to look for a fan with an output of 40 decibels (dB) or less, especially if you plan to put it in the bedroom. If you have allergies, look for a bladeless fan that also includes a HEPA filter. The majority of bladeless fans come with a remote control and automatic shut-off for added safety.

How we chose

Every bladeless fan we cover has at least four stars, and the majority of the products we cover have ratings of 4.5 stars and above. We compared the general features mentioned above across a range of styles – those that work best for desks and tables compared to larger spaces – as well as special features like air filtration or resistance. to wear (yes). We also offer options that cover several price points, from the most economical to the high end.

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editors Choice

Dreo Bladeless Fan

This bladeless fan offers great value, around $ 80 at the time of writing. It’s also a customer favorite, averaging 4.8 stars out of 3,700 reviews.

The fan has six customizable speeds and three modes for different levels of breeze, plus a powerful motor that circulates 24 square feet of air. It’s also relatively quiet, with an ultra-quiet 34dB on its lowest setting to a considerably quiet 48dB on its highest setting. Other highlights include 90-degree oscillation, a 12-hour timer that can be set in one-hour increments, and a remote control.


Our value selection

Honeywell Bladeless Fan


$ 85.73

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable fan that won’t break the bank, consider this option from Honeywell. It has a slim silhouette and offers a well-designed front panel on top, with features including eight fan speeds, dimming options, and oscillation. There is an automatic shut-off timer and storage for the remote control on the back under the carrying handle. Not bad for the price – around $ 65 at the time of this writing.


One step forward

TaoTronics bladeless fan


$ 119.99

With 12 speed levels, four wind modes, 90-degree swing, a warm yellow nightlight with two brightness levels, it’s hard to beat this bladeless fan from TaoTronics, especially for the $ 100 price tag at the time of launch. writing this article.

The DC motor is powerful but also quite quiet, rating 28dB at its lowest setting and 56dB at its highest. Other features of this 42-inch tall tower fan include an automatic shut-off function, a 12-hour timer that can be set in one-hour increments, and a remote control.


Our premium selection

Dyson Cool Air Multiplier Bladeless Fan

Dyson has become the gold standard for bladeless fans, with an exceptionally eye-catching design and impressive technology that justifies the price, for some. The brand’s 40-inch air multiplier tower fan delivers powerful, quiet airflow and features an automatic shut-off timer that can be programmed from 15 minutes to 9 hours, as well as a remote control with 10 customizable airflow settings. It is also incredibly easy to clean. The bladeless fan is available in black and nickel in addition to the white and silver combo shown.


Ideal for offices

Greentech ecological bladeless fan

Greentech Environment

We love this little droid-shaped desktop fan, which happens to be energy efficient, ultra-quiet at 13 decibels, and features 90-degree vertical and horizontal rotation to keep you cool at your desk. There are also 12 fan speed settings to control from a remote (for, you know, taking a midday cat nap on the office couch), plus an auto shut-off and a 9-hour timer. A simple, easy-to-read digital display on the base displays multiple functions.


Ideal for tables

Dyson Air Multiplier table bladeless fan


$ 296.00

Here is another popular choice from the Dyson brand, that perfect option for living room side tables or bedroom bedside tables. It features the same technology and general design as its powerful yet quiet big brother with an automatic shut-off timer that can be programmed from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

Plus, you can control the 10 airflow settings from a remote, which has a sleek, curved design that magnetically attaches to the fan for a seamless look. The bladeless fan is also available in blue and a black and nickel combo, in addition to the white and silver shown.


Best with air purifier

Ultty Bladeless Fan and Air Purifier

This affordable and attractive bladeless fan features a HEPA filter, which is said to remove over 99% of dust, mold and allergens in a space of up to 320 square feet. It has nine speed settings and three breeze modes, as well as an oscillation that operates 90 degrees horizontally and 30 degrees wide, all controlled by remote control.

There is also an 8 hour auto shut off timer that can be programmed in one hour increments. Its smart design also makes it ultra-portable – just grab the top handle and carry it to another room.


The most versatile

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HEPA Bladeless Fan

If you are looking for a fan-heater combo with an air filter that covers a considerable area and can withstand a hefty price tag, this Dyson is your best choice. This is particularly useful for multi-person households, where everyone plays the game of surreptitiously turning the air conditioning up and down.

The bladeless fan includes all of the standard features of the Dyson air purifier, including a HEPA filter that is supposed to remove over 99% of dust and allergens from the air. Other highlights include automatic shutdown, a sleep timer, and a remote control with 10 air speeds, and this model also swings 350 degrees.


The portable fan

Portable bladeless personal fan

Make it a snap with this lightweight portable bladeless fan, which features 48 air outlets to cool your neck all around. It’s made from silicone and ABS plastic and weighs around 13 pounds, with three wind speeds, and it’s ultra-quiet, rated at 31dB. It runs on a lithium-ion battery, powered via USB, and is said to last up to 7.5 hours on a single charge. The bladeless fan is ideal for everything from hiking to strolling along the boardwalk on a hot summer day.

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