Unique Dive Watch Aims to Spread Positivity Around the World

Ikigai Watches is set to launch on Kickstarter on August 23 with incredible early bird prices

Upcoming Microbrand Watch Company Set To Redefine A Watch’s Purpose

Ikigai Watches is redefining the reason people look at their wrists multiple times a day. he believes watches can do more than just tell the time. They believe that a watch can rekindle the meaning of a person’s life – the purpose for which one chooses to devote one’s time. A timepiece that symbolizes its philosophy of life can bring hope and positivity every time you look at it. Integrating Ikigai’s philosophy, i.e. the raison d’être, into a timepiece, the latest collection, Kazan, is ready to change what a timeless watch means to its wearer. What’s best is that this is a state-of-the-art collection, which means the Kazan 200m dive watch can be worn in a meeting, the ocean, at treks, all over the world, the watch will withstand all harsh conditions without compromising its looks.

A watch that tells its own story

People will see more than what the hour and minute hands read when they look at their Kazan watch. This will reflect their philosophy of life, the main reason for their being and the purpose for which they choose to devote their time. Everything is on the dial. Ikigai designed these watches stand out with more than just style. They are not only unique in style, but capture the essence of life. Ikigai Watches has carefully chosen four basic colors for its Kazan collection. Each of these colors represents something, a philosophy of life.

Blue encapsulates the spirit of flowing water and the philosophy of mindfulness, the fundamental desire to truly experience a moment for every moment is fleeting. The fire orange shines with the warmth of humility and the passion of service to people. Air burgundy is for those who embody positivity and hope. It is a color for those who represent the essence of the intangible but flourishing force of optimism. Finally, the green of the earth embodies stability and reliability. A Kazan dial, in essence, captures its ikigai. Its glow will remind its wearer of their primary reason for living, bring hope, and inspire meaningful life – a constant reminder to keep going because time never stands still.

New designs on a watch inspired by the volcano

Ikigai Watches’ Kazan 200m dive watch is based on a unique design philosophy, the shape of a volcano symbolized by the name Kazan in Japanese. Its innovative case represents the outer slope of a volcano while the inner bezel mimics the inner crater. The unprecedented dimensions of a watch case and the 45-degree slope of the inner bezel add fine detail to the design, perfectly mimicking the shape of a volcano. Most importantly, the watch indices are coated with the most powerful lumens in the watch industry, making the Kazan a perfect watch for any day or night adventure. These watches are not only water resistant. They are very readable underwater and in the dark. The collection is ready to go online Kickstarter this August 23.

For those who think that watches symbolize more than the passing of time, Kazan by Ikigai watches are made for them! The collection will be online on August 23 at Kickstarter. To be notified at launch, subscribe here. There are also super early bird prices. The innovative, uniquely designed and water resistant Kazan 200m diving watch by an upcoming microstrip will be available for USD. 285. However, this offer is for the first hundred coins only then, waste no more time and subscribe today for the Kickstarter launch.

An entrepreneur with one goal in mind

Designed to redefine why people look at their wrists, Ikigai Watches was launched in 2020. It was inspired by founder Auscar Tan’s wish to rekindle hope and make watches more meaningful in a pandemic-stricken world. This wish, Tan’s love for watches, and his passion for diving combined to put Ikigai watches at the forefront. It emerged as a watch brand specializing in high quality, unique and reliable watches suitable for diving and designed to reflect the ikigai of wearers. It is a passion for positivity that gave meaning to Tan’s Ikigai watches. The latest collection, Kazan, is released on August 23, 2021. Subscribe here today to take advantage of their early bird offers.

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