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British horse Lord Du Mesnil (above, foreground) – trained by former jockey Richard Hobson – followed the peloton until rider Danny Mullins was knocked down at the 143rd Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris on Sunday in France.

The eight-year-old horse, the star of Mr. Hobson’s stable, was eliminated from the race early on, having parted with Mr. Mullins in 10th of 23 fences.

Docteur de Ballon and jockey Bertrand Lestrade came first, retaining the crown after their victory last year.

The Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris is open to horses aged 5 or over. It is traveled at the Auteuil racecourse over a distance of approximately 6 km.

Launched in 1874 in response to England’s Grand National, the annual event is considered France’s most prestigious jumping race and was only canceled during the World Wars.

It usually takes place in late May, although last year’s race was postponed to October due to the pandemic.


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