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Zenith has reinvented two of its most avant-garde calibers by adding the transparency of a sapphire case and a hint of galactic art.

The Defy Zero G Sapphire brings space travel to the wrist with the fully skeletonized movement: El Primero 8812 S, a manual movement capable of overcoming the effects of gravity on chronometric precision with the new, long-established gravity control mechanism. been the holy grail of watchmakers. The mechanism contains a gimbal which keeps the balance and the spring flat regardless of its rotation.

Handcrafted in a meteorite and aventurine glass mosaic, it displays Mars on the small seconds, partially eclipsed by the hours and minutes dial, with the entire movement plate and bridges finished in a blue tone. with contrasting metallic gray chamfers, speckled with white stars in different sizes.

The 46mm timepiece will retail for $ 159,700.

The Defy 21 Tourbillon Sapphire, a nod to the cosmic universe and space exploration, has a domed crystalline case while the movement plate is finished in a blue PVD tone, a first for Zenith. Parts of the bridges on the dial side are engraved with stars.

In the 46 mm case, the El Primero 9020, an automatic 1 / 100th of a second movement, and two independent tourbillons power the part, the timekeeping tourbillon rotating in 60 seconds and the chronograph tourbillon in five seconds. The watch costs $ 180,300.

The Defy 21 Tourbillon Sapphire and Defy Zero-G Sapphire will be produced in a limited edition of 10 pieces each and are available at www.zenith-watches.com.

For the 20 people who buy the watches, Zenith has partnered with Novespace to offer a parabolic flight in zero gravity, scheduled for February.

Guests will arrive at the Novespace facility in Bordeaux, France, where they will meet their instructors and French astronaut Jean-François Clervoy during the pre-flight conference. The flight itself will consist of 15 parabolas, where the aircraft climbs and then plunges in free fall to replicate the effect of floating in weightlessness in a perceived absence of gravity.

From left to right: Defy 21 Double Tourbillon and Defy Zero-G Sapphire by Zenith.

Zenith launches two stellar watches

Zenith Defy Zero-G Sapphire.

Zenith launches two stellar watches

Back of the Defy Zero-G Sapphire from Zenith.

Zenith launches two stellar watches

Zenith Defy 21 Double Tourbillon Saphir.

Zenith launches two stellar watches

Rear of the Defy 21 Double Tourbillon Sapphire from Zenith.

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